Grain Policy  09/28/22 2:50:40 PM

All grain delivered to the Albert Lea Elevator shall be considered stored at the time of delivery unless arrangements have been made prior to or at the time of delivery.

Storage will begin to accrue on a ticket by ticket basis on the 10th day after delivery.

Sometimes we will offer free storage on grain.  This offer will not apply to bushels delivered earlier in the year, storage will continue to accrue on these bushels.

Soybean Moisture Discounts
13.0-13.5 1% of Selling Price
13.6-14.0 2% of Selling Price
14.1-14.5 4% of Selling Price
14.6-15.0 6% of Selling Price
15.1-15.5 9% of Selling Price
15.6-16.0 12% of Selling Price
Over 15% Subject to Rejection 

**Green Pods Subject to Rejection**

Corn Moisture Discounts
1.45% shrink per point to 15% for sale
1.45% shrink per point to 14% for storage, price later, or grain bank

Corn Drying/Aeration Charges
$0.025 per 1/2 point
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